How to be a part of the experience?

Would you like to participate in the “Natural beauty” experience? The only requirement is to be at least 18 year-old, because of the copyright issues. You don’t need to have the perfect body or any specific physical characteristics: all kind of beauty is important to get the message across. So, our project is not about morphology, being slim or with curves, color of your hair, height of your body, freckles or skin color.

On the other hand, what we ask is to feel comfortable with your body and accept your imperfections. The aim is to send the “Natural beauty” message via the eyes, the body posture, the final pictures. We do not want to show a model with a perfect body, but to enhance your real beauty and show that you are really beautiful in your natural state.

The idea of each shooting is to show women in their natural state, with no artifice. They don’t have to be hostile to the nudity. Every model should be motivated to pose with a natural face, without any make-up, knowing that the pictures won’t be reworked with Photoshop.

If you’re interested in this major project and if you would like to participate in it, do not hesitate to apply via the form bellow: