The project

About the project

The project was born with our willingness to show to the audience that women don’t need any artifices to show their beauty. Moreover, their pictures don’t need to be reworked with Photoshop. A woman, any woman is beautiful in her natural state. The project is against the dictates created by the fashion industry, where the only beauty we see are the re-worked with the Photoshop pictures. We are manipulated by these standards in order to love them and accept them as being beautiful. As you know, models we see are in majority tall, European style, slim or even thin women.

Pictures I share with you are in raw format. That means they are with no retouches and taken in natural light. That kind of pictures I would like to offer to you thanks to this project. Different women, with different morphologies and roots, women that want to show that THEY can be sublime and beautiful in their natural state. Moreover, thanks to this project, I would like to make you think about the dictates of beauty but also the pressure every woman is withstanding consciously or unconsciously every single day.

This project is important to me because many women are not satisfied with their physical appearance and have a false self-perception. This unreal image is created by all the filters we have in front of the mirror, every look inspired by the Fashion Industry. This makes them being concentrated and loosing their energy in their imperfections, sometimes very little ones or even non-existing. Today, most of the women are thinking that any other woman is more beautiful. And this is a problem when speaking of self-esteem but also taking into consideration the impact on their moral, their behaviour and their thoughts.

So, we offered this new experience to several very courageous women. These women have accepted the experience to pose for a shooting without make-up or clothes, in order to show their natural beauty, without any need of hiding or masking their small defaults. Their pictures, I want to show you, prove that woman are naturally beautiful, or event that their imperfections make their beauty stronger, avoiding having female fashion clones, and this without any artifice.